It’s not insurance.

It’s a new world of direct care.

At Thompson Risk we launch employers into a new level of benefits. We give you new ways of taking care of your employees by creating more affordable access to care without the financial drawbacks of traditional insurance.

It’s not impossible.

It’s achievable.

The work place has changed but traditional insurance hasn’t. Thompson Risk circumnavigates traditional results by taking a step outside of the box. We bring employers direct-to-provider networks, increasing the level of care while saving money in the process. No red tape, no headaches.

Our Solutions

Every great achievement starts with the question “Can we really do this?” We’re here to tell you that you can. Changing the way your employee benefits work can be daunting but Thompson Risk will show you a better way for your business.

Your employees matter, make sure they know it.

With most traditional insurance solutions only 50% of employees end up participating, which means you, as an employer, are only doing HALF of what you should be doing to retain your people. Thompson Risk provides solutions that address 70%-80% of employees, giving you the competitive advantage.

How’s it work?

Much like space exploration, it comes down to a series of complicated decisions, plans, and actions all with one goal: send ‘em to the moon!

Okay, maybe we’re overstating when we compare it to rocket science. We actually focus on non-insurance solutions that complement the gaps in the traditional health insurance system. We review your business and bring you a direct care network that fits. You save money, and your employees stay happy.

Our Company

Thompson Risk is built on trust. Trust with our clients and trust in ourselves to go the extra mile for every client. We do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do. We focus on understanding and fulfilling the needs of our clients because, to us, nothing is more important than providing value.

Dan Thompson

Founder, CEO of Thompson Risk

Dan Thompson has over 20 years experience working with businesses to develop strategies that reduce cost and improve organizational performance. Dan left his position as Partner with a large independent firm after 12 years because he believed in a better way. He believes that employers and their employees deserve more, so he started Thompson Risk with them in mind and has since helped all types of businesses step into the light.

Our mission is simple:

Improve the lives of people by building access to care in communities everywhere.

Along the way we’re:

Reinventing, rebuilding and reimagining healthcare.

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